It’s the perennial question for logo designers tasked with creating a wordmark: to create the type from scratch, or to simply modify an existing typeface?

As we previously discussed, there is no shame in sprucing up an existing typeface – indeed, some of the world’s most famous companies have done it! At the same time, creating an entirely custom font can really take branding to the next level. If you’ve got the chops to do it, perhaps you should. Consider the following:

Coca-Cola’s logo, certainly one of the most well-known in the world, is based on Edwardian script – a style that was popular for handwriting in the late 19th century, but would not have worked very well as a printing typeface because of the way letters need to connect and because of limited legibility at smaller sizes. If the founders of Coca-Cola had relied on an existing typeface, they probably would have wound up with something a lot blockier, and less memorable, than the version we know and love today.