Name and concept origination, third party negotiation, creative, graphics, animation, web development and mixed media production

As part of Heineken’s successful global ‘Thirst’ music project we were asked to create a local themed music experience leading up to the launch in SA. The Greenhouse Sessions was developed and launched in selected dance venues across the major cities as a platform for established and up and coming DJ talent, at the same time giving Heineken consumers a memorable brand experience.

The name and design captured exactly what Heineken music experience was all about. The campaign refreshed the brand personality among the 18 to 30 year old consumers, at the same time breathing more life into this world famous iconic brand.

33% increase in market share

The campaign helped build brand awareness. Venues were themed with green lighting, large scale DJ Graphic animation, data capture, green lit competition green houses with graphics to collect entry cards, photographers. The campaign resulted in memorable experiences for outlets, customers and ultimately building Heineken sales.

Communication included: local radio spots, interactive website, posters, flyers, data collection postcards, competition entry cards, IVR call line, SMS, viral invitations, big screen graphics